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17. 04. 2018 Comments 0

POL M: Two more contract extensions in Czarni, one spoils plans of Trefl

The Polish men’s volleyball championship Plus Liga side, Cerrad Czarni Radom, extended contracts with ...

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17. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BEL M: Maaseik tie one of the most talented players in country

The Belgian men’s volleyball championship EuroMillions Volley League club Noliko Maaseik announced the ...

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17. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BRA M: Taubaté confirm negotiating with Conte!

The Brazilian men’s volleyball championship Superliga side EMS Taubaté Funvic are already making moves ...

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16. 04. 2018 Comments 1

BEL M: Roeselare close two-year deal with Canadian setter

Knack Roeselare closed the deal with the Canadian setter Brett Walsh for two years

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16. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BRA M: It’s going to be a hot summer for Cruzeiro fans – Grozer or Sander to arrive, Uriarte out…?

No matter the outcome of the 2017/18 Brazilian men’s volleyball championship Superliga playoff semifinals ...

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13. 04. 2018 Comments 0

TUR M: Murilo joins Arkas for the next season

The Turkish men’s volleyball championship Efeler Ligi side Arkas Spor had a season that might be called ...

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13. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BRA M: Two best players of Sesi this season decide to renew with the club!

The Brazilian men’s volleyball championship Superliga side Sesi-SP are on the verge of progressing to ...

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13. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BRA M: It’s official - Lucarelli pens new deal with Taubaté

This is a definite stop for all the clubs who had the idea of hiring Ricardo Lucarelli. One of the best ...

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12. 04. 2018 Comments 1

POL M: Trefl can’t keep backbone of this season’s roster – 3 more players might leave club

According to the Polish media, Trefl Gdańsk will enter the next season highly weakened

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10. 04. 2018 Comments 0

BRA M: Vissotto to replace Wallace in Taubaté? Lucão and Abouba also on radar of Superliga runners-up

EMS Taubaté Funvic have prepared several significant changes in the roster for the next season, according ...

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