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02. 03. 2018

Milagros Collar for WoV - "You wanna be part of European Championship? You have to sacrifice yourself..."

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Milagros Collar, the Spanish volleyball player who is currently playing in Romania, knows what is needed to make improvements at the national team level.


Let's start from club's level and then we will speak about the Spanish volleyball.

How did you feel after a defeat from Olympiacos in the CEV Challenge Cup? Did you have bigger goals in this competition?

After a defeat to Olympiacos… I am a really competitive person so it was a hard defeat and more after we did the difficult part - winning in Athens,” says Milagros Collar at the beginning of the interview.

What about domestic competition, what is the main goal for CSM Targoviste? And what will be the success for you and your team in this season?

The main goal for CMS Targoviste is the gold medal. Of course, the success will be also if we add the gold in the Romanian cup.”

Will you stay in Romanian league also in 2018/2019 or you will look for some other club?

I always like to have the door open for any opportunity, I am ready for anything.”

Since you are five years in Romania, what can you say about the Romanian clubs, league and life?

 “Romania is a competitive league, it has a good level of Romanian players and good foreigners also. I feel good in this country, the language is really similar to the Spanish and the Italian, so it was easy to learn it. I have really nice cities and I love the history, art, music…and the foooood!!!”

Ten years ago, the Spanish league was very strong, one of the best in Europe together with Italy and Russia. What happened?

 “That’s true. Ten years ago, the Spanish league was really good and also the national team was at high the level. I think the national team had a really good generation with Amaranta Fernandez, Patricia Aranda, Jazmina Hernandez and more players...After these players, the volleyball in Spain started to lose popularity and among young players, volleyball in Spain is now considered more as a hobby, something that you do just to have fun with friends. When we talked about the league and the money, remember Spain was in economic crisis…”

Check out the STATS of Milagros Collar in this season as well as the previous seasons.


You are a member of the Spanish National team. In your opinion, what is missing to be among the top teams in Europe?

We need players, a good generation and also sacrifice since not everybody is willing to spend all the summer practicing and competing. Volleyball is a beautiful sport but everything comes with a price …You wanna be part of the European championship? That means you will have to sacrifice yourself and work hard,” explains Milagros Collar.

My goals in life is to always feel satisfied with what I do so I can’t regret anything and to have a big family.”


Read the preview interview with Busto's player Silvana Chausheva! Also, read a story from Thailand - Anna Spanou has spoken with WorldofVolley.

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