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13. 06. 2018

GOLDEN EL M: Estonia and Czech Republic to play for title as both secure their berths in FIVB Challenger Cup

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Estonia and the hosts Czech Republic will fight for the gold medal in the inaugural edition of the CEV Men’s Volleyball Golden European League whose Final Four is held in Karlovy Vary.


Despite being deprived of help from two starters and players whose impact on the game is huge, Estonia managed to surpass Portugal in the semifinals of the 2018 CEV Golden European League, 3-0 (26-24, 26-24, 25-18). Thus, the national team from the Baltics secured their berth in the FIVB Challenger Cup (the winners will face the last-placed challenger team at the 2018 FIVB Nations League for a spot at the 2019 edition of the tournament). Although they will not be able to fight for the title in the Golden European League, Portugal will play the FIVB Challenger Cup as the hosts of the tournament (June 20-25 in Matosinhos).

„I offer a bet. If at least 100 Estonian fans come to Portugal (for the FIVB Challenger Cup), I will do something crazy at the Town Square in Tallinn! I once led one team in Italy and went out in a costume of Santa Clause in the city’s central square! I’ll tell you tomorrow what’s going to be this time. This win goes to the whole team, including the players who are not here today, and is made thanks to several years of work. There was some uncertainty about the opening, but we knew that if we get our block-defense in order and not allow them to score points from these elements, everything will be well,“ Estonia head coach Gheorghe Crețu said.

Oliver Venno was the best scorer for the winning side with 15 points. Andri Aganits made 4 kill blocks. Marco Evan Ferreira scored 14 points for Portugal.


In the other semifinal, the Czech Republic defeated the team who was the first to qualify for the Final Four, Turkey, in straight sets, partially 25-22, 27-25, 25-20. Michal Finger highlighted the Czechs with 14 points while Donovan Džavoronok made 71% attack (12/17, blocked once). Vahit Emre Savaş scored 13 points for Turkey, including 6 kill blocks.


To see complete results, stats, and standings, visit our Golden European League 2018 / Male / Seniors page.


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