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05. 07. 2018

Simón – “I spoke with Cruzeiro a few weeks ago about my desire to leave but they didn’t pay attention”

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Robertlandy Simón caused tectonic disturbances in the men’s volleyball summer transfer market by expressing a desire to move to play in Cucine Lube Civitanova, Italy. For many, that desire was sudden but according to the player himself, he has spoken about it with the leadership of his current club Sada Cruzeiro, Brazil, a long time ago.


The main reason for Simón’s desire to return to Italy after four years (Wixo LPR Piacenza 2012-2014), besides competing in probably the strongest national championship in the world such as Italian SuperLega, is the fact that he wants his daughter to be born in this European county and gain its citizenship.

“There are many things involved. I had already decided to return to Italy in 2019 but also there were problems with my contract. The birth of my daughter and the beginning of a new cycle in Cruzeiro that included launching many new players have a lot to do with it,” Simón explained in an interview to Bruno Voloch’s blog at Estadão Esportes why he wants to go to play for Lube.

“I spoke bluntly with Cruzeiro a few weeks ago about my desire to leave but they didn’t pay attention. There are things that are more important to a person than a fine, such as family and personal motivation. I loved Sada Cruzeiro, I gave everything for this jersey and expected much more understanding but they only sent threats. You ask me if the fine is fair? These are legal issues about which I can’t answer. I believe that intelligent people always come up with a solution. They know that my intention isn’t to return and also know the contractual problems,” the Cuban middle blocker spoke about the penalty that Cruzeiro set on him in case of leaving the club while still having a valid contract.

The contractual problems that Simón mentioned are in regard to the arrears for several months, including both 2016/17 and 2017/18 season. 


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3 Comments about "Simón – “I spoke with Cruzeiro a few weeks ago about my desire to leave but they didn’t pay attention”"

05.07.2018 | 15:33 |   Manu [unregistered]

1. If your daughter is born in any EU country, this doesn’t mean she will get citizenship automatically. So bullship saying
2. Once you sign a contract for good money, you are happy to have long-term solution. If the club doesn’t want you, you (or agent) say: we have a contract and I want you to pay me! Good you the player
3. When you want to leave the club and you have a contract? Please, UNDERSTAND my family situation??!!!
Solution: before you express you opinion publically, wait to see final solution of the negotiations! Otherwise, you’ll be ridiculous like you are now

+3            0-
06.07.2018 | 00:32 |   Juliana [unregistered]

Re: @Manu Exactly!!!

+1            0-
05.07.2018 | 15:38 |   Juliana [unregistered]

If he prefers not to continue on the Cruzeiro , that's fine, but nothing is fairer than Lube paying the fine, so there are contracts. The team did not renew with Uriarte to keep as 2 foreigners Simon and Taylor Sander and can not stay at the loss.

+0            0-
05.07.2018 | 23:04 |   Manu [unregistered]

Re: @Juliana Of courae Lube will have to pay, but don’t expect they will pay and he will get the same money he is asking. One thing is sure: buy-out money!

+0            0-
05.07.2018 | 16:41 |   Donald [unregistered]

Caracter of the team principal is the worse there could be. Cruzeiro is hated by every brazilian, except their own fans.
Think about it, this year is the first of the beginning of the crash for this club... Save my words, in 3 years Cruzeiro is finished. This CUBAN club won’t win a single title without their master players. Sad but true. And who says otherwise is just a puppet ignorant that can’t handle truth...

+2            5-
06.07.2018 | 14:53 |   tINHO [unregistered]

Re: @Donald

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Will Lube win battle for Simón? Cruzeiro refuse high-priced offer from SupeLega runners-up!

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